Three Days That Changed The World

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This album contains a message of the three most important days in history that changed the world.  

We begin with our humor – “Don’t Mess with Old Dogs”- that will help to relieve the stress and anxiety that we all are feeling these days.

We hope you will take the time to listen carefully to the way different groups of individuals reacted to the events that were happening from Friday through Sunday.   Each reaction would change their lives forever.  Which group do you see yourself in?  We pray you will choose the One who gave His life to give you eternal life. 

We have chosen a group of inspired songs that tell the Bible story of what is happening on each day.  They will challenge and bring peace and comfort as you meditate on the message of each song.  

The three days are: 

1. Friday – The Road to Calvary.  The songs are:1. Via Dolorosa; 2. Written in Red; 3. The Healer; 4. Ten Thousand Angels

2. Saturday – The song writer of “God on The Mountain” captures the contrast of Friday and Sunday to the “Silence of Saturday”.  When we go through the Silence of Saturday, that is where our faith is really tested.  We all have our valleys we have to go through.  I mentioned I am in the midst of one. Please pray that I will be able to see the lesson the Lord is wanting me to learn from this situation.

 3. Sunday – Victory Over Death. The songs are: 1.  It Is Finished; 2. Jesus Saves; 3. Because He Lives

As we close on this Easter Season, we pray that the Lord will bless and keep you during your time on the mountain and in the valley.  God will make a way for His children.